Koton Next for a strong team that leads the change, learns with
pleasure, and evolves through learning!

KOTON attaches importance to the development of KOTON employees in accordance
with their values, competencies and needs, while moving towards its Global
Vision, and supports its culture with an effective “Learning & Development” approach that is unique to KOTON and is based on leading the change and learning with joy. KOTON keeps experience-based learning in its focus and contributes to the development of its employees.

KOTON addition to the “Internal Trainer” system successfully implemented by making use of the experience of its employees, KOTON follows a structured “Learning Path” that is unique to KOTON, where it meets the learning and development needs of all its employees who work with their hearts and minds in their teams on common terms.

KOTON provides 24/7 remote access for its employees to the learning and development tools via “KOTON Academy Online”, an e-learning platform, which is a new generation training system.

KOTON identifies its Difference Makers, prepares the leaders of the future for a higher role in order to contribute to the development of talents with the “Difference Makers Development Program” and invests in talents at KOTON in this development journey.

KOTON measures and supports the development of its Buyers with its “KOTON Fashion Buying Academy”, the Silver Award winner training program in the category of TEGEP “The Best Training & Development Program”. By explaining the unique dynamics of Fashion Management and Fashion Buying, KOTON relays end-to-end information, which its buyers need, ranging from fibers, fabrics, Fashion History to Retail Mathematics and Visual Merchandising Principles.

İTÜ Fashion Retail Training Program: KOTON and İTÜ bring to life the collaboration that will support the career journey of young people who are pursuing a career in fashion. Under the “Fashion Retail and Management Certification Program” within İTÜ-SEM, KOTON fashion professionals and İTÜ Textile Academicians join forces for the training of new generation in fashion industry and cultivate qualified candidates.

Sales Technical Training and Human Resources Teams develop the skills of all Store employees by contributing to the holistic talent development and support the careers of the employees within the KOTON Way Merchandising Management Trainee Program.

KOTON brings its classroom training courses for field teams to online media by eliminating the distances in the new period and emphasizes digitalization with the No-Distance Classroom Program.


KOTON supports all its employees at all levels who “Manage Managers”, “Manage Teams” and “Manage Themselves” with KOTON Way Leadership Development Program. KOTON aims to provide all of its Managers with the support they need to lead and continually improve their teams and to improve the Quality of KOTON Managers and contributes to the development of the “Self-Management” competence of its employees in positions below the Manager Level.

Our target is to: Manage and lead the change.

Ensure that the team continuously performs well and to give effective feedbacks.

Reveal and manage
the team’s potential.

Manage relations between different profiles and generations through effective communication.

Delegate tasks effectively.


Increase employee engagement
and motivate the teams.