Koton works with the effort of fulfilling its responsibility by taking initiatives to improve the social and work lives of all women, especially Koton’s women employees that play a huge role in the successful journey of Koton in the fashion retail industry. It develops consistent policies with the awareness that no improvement can be made without providing social gender equality. Social Gender Equality Policy, signed by Koton Executive Board, comprises of many substantial articles that emphasize to follow a fair pay and career policy and to prioritize enhancement for women as an equal opportunity employer.



KOTON is amongst the early companies in Turkey to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) created with the partnership of UN Global Compact and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women).

Consisting of 7 Fundamental Principles, WEPs aim to contribute to the private sector strengthening existing works about social gender equality, implementing corporate policies and programs, and reporting their works in these areas.

Koton acts with the responsibility and obligations of being WEPs signatory in all of its business processes. It accredits its actions in all processes to WEPs commitments.


Sustainable Development Goals accepted by United Nations member countries in 2015 guide all sustainability activities of Koton.

Seventeen goals that are course of action for sustainable development are built onto main aims of ending poverty, fighting against inequality and injustice, and protecting our planet.

Koton follows policies that support sustainable development with the awareness of responsibility for its employees, society, and world.


KOTON consciously acts with the power of initiating and realizing the transformation of the business world with its influence area.

It fulfills the responsibilities on its part for sustainable development either by being a part of the Fashion Retail / Ready-Made Clothing sector or initiative taken on social matters.

In this regard, it attributes special meaning to social gender equality, one of the primary steps in contributing to social development. It conducts projects within a comprehensive work model with the vision of including women in the economic system and social life. Koton implemented Handicraft Collection in 2016 to include women outside of the workforce in the economic system. With this project, it is aimed for women to be included more active in social life and improving living conditions of women by including them in the production-income chain.


As a signatory, in line with the principles of WEPs, KOTON moves its works on women empowerment to a wider network that includes its suppliers with the “KOTON Shareholders Gender Equality Project”.

Equality Project, in cooperation with the Turkish Industrial Development Bank (TSKB) and the French Development Agency (AFD), aims to raise awareness of gender equality and make a positive change.

Equality Project includes assessment and development in education, career development, and equal opportunity, career support for employees with kids, hygienic lactation rooms for mothers, preventing harassment at the workplace with the equality principle provided to women employees of the firms in Koton supply chain.


KOTON creates new job opportunities with the Housewives Project which is developed in order to encourage housewives to participate in the working life.

This project allows women, who prioritize their domestic lives, to work part-time and to help them transition to the working life gradually. Women determine their working days and hours themselves as 5 hours a day and 3 days a week or 3 hours a day and 5 days a week.

The Housewives Project aims to provide employment for women and to offer career development opportunities with the trainings to be given, as well as to make women active members of the economic system.


Offering side-benefits and private projects, as well as stimulating communication and sharing opportunities for women in fields such as Personal Development, culture and art, KOTON creates an inspiring environment where successful people in their field meet with Koton employees.

Purple Room Chats are performed with at least 2 guest speakers every day during the Women’s Day week with the participation of successful women who stand out in the business and arts world to meet with KOTON employees.

This traditional project is enriched with content that will be beneficial for KOTON Women throughout the year. The Purple Room, which has so far hosted more than 50 valuable names, is one of the most important initiatives in KOTON’s approach to gender equality.